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This is a preview only. Adjustments for layout, sizing and spacing will be made before printing.

Have you ever wished you could reach more people with the Pro-Life message? The "Precious Feet" Pro-Life checks are designed to do exactly that. This series of four different checks displays a Pro-Life image along with the "Precious Feet" - the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's feet 10-weeks after conception. The impact of these checks on the person receiving them can be life changing. The images include two powerful works from Gary B. Clark including "The Work of His Hands", an image that has been used around the world to show the humanity of the unborn. Also included is the image that inspired the "Precious Feet" that shows Dr. Sacco carefully holding the feet of a 10-week old baby. The final image shows a baby's feet being held in the palm of an adult's hand with the message, "Life is a Beautiful Choice." This series will make an impact. Don't miss the opportunity to share the message.

Plus, with every order you will receive a free pair of "Precious Feet", a lapel pin the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception. This lapel pin has saved the lives of tens of thousands of babies and should always be kept on hand for when your checks make a difference. Be ready for an impact, and be ready share, support, and help.

Size 2 " x 6". Boxes include 5 pads of 150 single/125 duplicate checks. Free pair of "Precious Feet" per order. Designs alternate within the books of checks.

Precious Feet Checks

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