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About Us

Our History

On January 22, 1974 Virginia and Ellis Evers ran across a full page ad in their local newspaper in San Diego, California. Prominent in the ad was a picture of the tiny feet of a ten week old unborn baby held between a man's fingers and thumb. Inspired by the remarkable photo, Virginia Evers felt these little feet would be the ideal Pro-Life symbol. With love and dedication for the unborn, Virginia designed the "Precious Feet" lapel pin.

In 1979, at a world-wide symposium in Dublin, Ireland the "Precious Feet" were named the "International Pro-Life Symbol." Since that time over 15,000,000 have been distributed throughout the world.

In 1991, Virginia and Ellis retired with the consolation that their ministry would continue through their daughter and son-in-law, Dinah and Mike Monahan. Mike and Dinah have followed in the pro-life path and took pregnant young women into their home under the "We Care" program sponsored by the Heritage House. Heritage House now sponsors three local Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Hope House Maternity Home as well as many national pro-life organizations.

Our Mission

We are committed to the sanctity of life at all stages and to the traditional values of the institution we call the family. Because we value human life above all things our number one priority is serving you.

Due to the unstable and uncertain times our world offers we are dedicated to serve the Pro-Life movement with solid and unchanging convictions of the heart. These convictions help to make us leaders in meeting the needs of Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations by providing quality materials, at the best prices, with superior service.

Your satisfaction is our responsibility and our guarantee. We understand and appreciate that we make a living by what we do, but we make a difference for life by what we give. Together we move toward achieving our goals. By working together, good work becomes great work.

With passion, pride and purpose we will help you make our world a better place to be, by saving babies and serving families.

Our Statement Against Violence

We oppose any form of violence in the name of the Pro-Life cause and believe the very term "Pro-Life" is the antithesis of violence. God sees value in EVERY human life, born and unborn, pro-life or pro-abortion. Any violence, whether in the womb or outside an abortion clinic, is unacceptable and hypocritical. We want to equip our customers to be able to get out there and make a real difference - and to make the difference in a way that shows we respect all life, from conception to natural death..

The Future

Heritage House will continue to work to provide the highest quality pro-life and pro-family materials. Our goal is to equip the pro-life "laypersons" to be able to reach the public easily and effectively. In the future we expect we will continue fulfilling this great need and working with you to save and change lives.


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